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If you have any w2 employees, the US government has another cash giveaway that might mean a nice cash influx for your business. It is easy to check if your company qualifies. Simply fill out the form and provide some non-proprietary information. You will receive a free quote from Uncle Sam on how much you owe.

Take a minute (shouldn't be any longer than that) to fill out the form and one of the CPAs will reach out in a couple of days with the details for getting what you are entitled to .

Your banker, CPA or Financial Advisor were likely to be very helpful in getting your PPP funds. They were signing you up to an SBA-guaranteed loans. Based on their PPP loans, the SBA paid administrative fees to banks. They were therefore incented to help you learn about the program and make sure all paperwork was in order.

The PPP program was also simpler than the ERTC. 2 1/2 times your monthly average payroll, including state unemployment taxes and health insurance.

ERTC credits do not allow for deferral. They are dollar-for-dollar credits against wages you've paid. Not taxes you've paid, but actual wages.

These credits can offset future tax contributions or you can receive a refund check - it's your choice.

These funds will not be repaid unless you provide sufficient documentation during an audit.

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